Professor Peter Leeflang's Appointment as the University of Groningen Frank M. Bass Chair is celebrated at the Groninger Museum

Two hundred collegues, friends and family gathered at the famous and unique Groninger Museum to celebrate the appointment of Professor Peter Leeflang as the University of Groningen Frank M. Bass Chair.  Peter Leeflang is professor of Marketing at the Department of Marketing and Marketing Research, faculty of Economics, University of Groningen and he is also affiliated to the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) in Brussels (Belgium). In 1999 he became a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Professor Leeflang's presentation started with his picture with Professor Bass at the Informs 2005 Conference Honoring Professor Bass.


Professor Leeflang continued by presenting his research priorities for the next five years.


Professor Mike Hanssens gave a presentation about marketing and stock prices


The enthusiastic audience waved to Professor Bass.